“I Woke Up Covered In Bed Bugs” How this Dad
Eradicated a Disgusting Bed Bug Infestation

Saturday, 19th September 2021 - Allan Brown

Robert Halpert, 37, had never been so terrified in his life. He was a great dad with a beautiful home and family he loved dearly. 

He was having dinner with his family when he noticed an unfamiliar bite on his leg. He just chalked it up as a mosquito bite so he ignored it. Though the problem was much worse than he could possibly imagine.

That night he got into bed with his wife, and went to sleep. He kept waking up to itch his leg through the night. It get worse and worse. But when he took off the covers to investigate, what he saw…shook him to his core.

“My leg…”, Robert said “Was completely covered in bed bugs” He panicked and ran to the shower to get all the bugs off him. 

That was the most horrifying experience of my life, Robert said.

The infestation ruined his home. But the worst part was the embarrassing bite marks that covered his body. He lowered his head in shame at work. He didn’t want his coworkers to think he lived in a filthy house.

“I did everything” He said “I mean everything. I washed the sheets. Sprayed the bedding with vinegar. Washed them again, but still nothing. I called an exterminator, but they would have to charge me $775…just for bed bugs There was no way I could afford that.

With seemingly no way to get a good nights rest he had two options: Move out or deal with painful bites every night.

Little did he know, help was at the front door. Literally.

Robert’s friend came by for a surprise visit. Robert was wearing shorts and knew his friend would notice the bug bites. Before he walked in, his friend asked: “What are all those bites on your leg?”

Robert’s face turned red and he whispered: “I’ve got a bed bug problem” Then suddenly, his friend bolted for the door.

I was so embarrassed.” Robert says. “But then I heard a knock on the door about 15 minutes later”
The neighbor was back holding a big green bottle in his hand. He ran to Robert’s room and started spraying his mattress. Then ran to every bed or couch in the house and sprayed it down. He handed Robert the bottle and just said a few words:

”Trust me.

“Well”, Robert says “it worked. The next week I got prepared to get bit all night. But something magical happened, I woke up without a single bite. They were 100% gone.

I have no idea how it worked so fast, but I read the label and it said “BugMd.” It said it worked for all kinds of bugs: roaches, ants, fleas, ticks, you name it..

“I couldn’t believe it”, Robert said “I no longer have that filthy infestation to be embarrassed about. I ordered 6 refills online and sprayed in the garage, the kitchen, and even the doors to make sure they never come back.”

The clever little trick (backed by science) that
eliminates bugs from your home

BugMd is an all-natural pest control spray that eradicates ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and more instantly. It’s formulated with 2 essential oils proven to wipe out hordes of insects.

Clove oil acts as the first line of defense against a pest invasion. The pungent odor forms a forcefield that protects your home from all sorts of vermin. Not only does clove oil repel bugs, it works as an effective insecticide1. As a garden specialist at Clemson University, Karen Russ says: eugenol — the essential oil found in cloves — kills insects on contact.

If you ask any farmer, they’ll tell you cottonseed oil has the greatest insecticide among any natural oil. It’s been used in agriculture for centuries to ward off all kinds of insects and pests. That’s why BugMd’s expertly crafted formula contains cottonseed oil: to make a naturally powerful solution for even the worst insect infestation.

Unlike chemical sprays, BugMd uses natural ingredients so it’s safe for children & pets.

Best of all, it’s super easy to use. Simply spray around entrances, trash cans, cabinets, or around windows to prevent creepy crawlies from coming in droves — or you could spray directly on bugs to kill them on contact. 

With Over 23,719 BugMd Bottles Sold, We Had To Try It For Ourselves…

We’ve read thousands of positive reviews raving about BugMd, but in order to truly believe it, we had to test it for ourselves. So, we ordered a bunch of BugMd bottles  (which arrived at our door 3 days later) and started conducting tests everyday.




I wanted to see BugMd could beat a nasty roach infestation. I went to one of my friends house who said they had some roach problems lately. There were peppery droppings everywhere and I even saw a big one scurry by. So, I sprayed BugMd around all the the entrances and nooks in crannies at the house. One even crawled from under the stove and I sprayed it. The roach crawled for barely a second then died right in front of me. 

Result: I came back to her house 2 weeks later. I came back and was amazed to find absolutely no signs of rats. I checked those same exacts spots and no dropping at all. Zero. I was shocked and so was my friend. She asked if she could keep them in her house!


For the next test, I wanted to see if BugMd could stand up against bed bugs. I recently moved into a new house and I’ve been getting bit all over. So I washed my sheets, sprayed BugMd around every crevice of my mattress, then waited to sleep that night.

Result: The next morning, I didn’t wake up with any new bites at all. I flipped over my mattress and found a graveyard of bed bugs. It grossed me out and impressed me at the same time. So far, blown away by how versatile this powerful solution is. Welp, time to get a new mattress.


Finally, I took this experiment to fleas, who are known for laying dozens of eggs per day. 

Lately, my dog has been scratching herself raw. I chalked it up to being fleas  (must have been from a recent hike), so I sprayed BugMd around her bed and even a little on her fur (I diluted it just to be safe). 

Within minutes, I kid you not, I counted 3 fleas jump right off her like it was the titanic. I chased them down and got them all in one spray that eviscerated them instantly. 


After conducting several tests, we were able to confirm that BugMd really works as well as everyone says. To be honest, I haven’t seen anything like this on the market, and I’m truly blown away by how well it works. Whether you are looking to get rid of ants, bed bugs, ticks or cockroaches, I would highly recommend you get BugMd to try for yourself.

*UPDATE: * Ever since BugMD was featured online, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 23,719 devices. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a 30 day money back guarantee and are offering their 55% off discount while supplies last. To see if they are still available click the button below.

IMPORTANT: Use BugMd indoors and outdoors to Eliminate and Prevent Pests.

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