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Designed to kill bed bugs on contact, keeping your home guarded from disgusting pests.

It is Expected the Pest Control Market Will

Make $29,000,000,000 (29 Billion) by 2029…8

Dealing with stubborn bed bugs can drain thousands of dollars from your bank account. It’s something millions of Americans face every year.
Between expensive heat and chemical extermination treatments, replacing ruined mattresses and furniture, home cleaning services and more, costs add up fast.
No matter what is happening in your life, the last thing you want to deal with is an expensive unexpected cost. Our lives are expensive and it can be hard just to make it to the end of the week from all the costs. We have heard this complaint countless times.
For example, one customer had to trash her family's mattresses, bed frames and couches due to severe bed bug problems. She then had to pay over $1200 out of pocket for a professional heat treatment tenting her home.
Everything was good for a few months then small sightings started to appear. But you don’t want to call the exterminator for a few small bed bugs. Before you know it, bed bugs are back.
What you need is a strong first line of defense, something that works on contact fast. Whenever you see a bed bug you can grab this and get to work instantly. Unfortunately for many, they think that the only route is spending thousands.

“There's Got To Be An Affordable Way

To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs...”

Once bed bugs infiltrate a home, they can be incredibly difficult to fully eliminate. We've spoken with customers who describe struggling through a vicious, expensive cycle trying fruitlessly to deal with these bed bugs:
First, they try over the counter sprays and traps. But a month later, bed bugs spread again. So they call an exterminator, spending much more money than they wanted to.
Desperate for a solution as the costs of living spikes, some then replace mattresses and furniture trying to deny bed bugs nesting spots, only to find them hiding in cracks in the walls.
Others resort to fully heating or chilling homes to kill bed bugs. But if just a few resilient eggs survive, the cycle starts anew. Some even take drastic measures like moving or extensive home renovations.
Yet despite exhaustive efforts and spending thousands, many find bed bugs return to their home, continuing the cycle again. This would cause anyone to start looking for alternatives that won’t cost a fortune to help…

“The Moment I Realized I Couldn’t

Afford an Exterminator…

I Knew I Needed Another Solution”

People know that just the costs to be an American are so high right now. Gas prices, grocery bills, healthcare, the list goes on and on. The last thing that you want to add to that list is expensive exterminators.
But all the other alternative “solutions” to bed bugs either feel like a gimmick, full of harsh chemicals, or leave your home stained and smelling strange.
Have you ever felt like this before? Like the only options to deal with bed bugs cost way too much. Have you wanted an answer to your bug problems that don’t leave you in debt? Believe us, you are not alone.
But what if there was an affordable way to eliminate bed bugs on contact before an all out invasion happens?

“Regular Pest Control

Methods Might Work,

But There Are Problems…$$$”

Based on thousands of Americans, relying solely on traditional pest control methods often leaves homeowners disappointed, overwhelmed, and still sharing their space with bugs. No matter the situation, it's hard to find a solution to dealing with bugs that doesn’t have a glaring downside.

1. Exterminators Can Be Incredibly Expensive. The average price of an exterminator for bed bugs can be $1,750.7

Tackling a pest invasion with an exterminator can cost hundreds upfront, and often requires repeat visits to deal with resilient bugs. This additional cost simply isn't feasible for most working families.
On just the first visit alone, an exterminator can charge anywhere from $150-$350. And from there the prices only go up and up, nearing $5000 on special treatments. There is no limit to how much you could end up spending when dealing with professionals.
But what are you supposed to do? It seems impossible to win, unless you find a pest control solution that's affordable, effective, and can stop pests before needing to call an exterminator…

2. Homemade Traps Demand Time and Patience.

It takes so much effort and upkeep to set sufficient DIY traps all over your house. This constant maintenance is not realistic amidst the demands of daily life.
Traps also mean storing high-risk toxins under your sinks and vigilant monitoring to keep curious kids and pets away. It's another chore added to your never-ending to-do list.
Few households have the time to micromanage homemade traps effectively. (However if you ARE one of the people who are struggling with bugs there IS a way to eliminate them… Keep Reading!)

3. Traditional Sprays Are Full of Harsh Chemicals. This can leave you gasping for air, or suffering from terrible smells.

Popular drugstore pesticides promise powerful results. But they achieve this through harsh chemicals that can irritate airways and cause headaches, nausea, and breathing issues when inhaled.
Yet those harsh toxins are known right away when they are used. The lingering odors and health side effects should not be the expected trade off for pest protection in your home. Not to mention, these ingredients can be toxic to pets.
It's a vicious cycle of spraying, smelling nauseating fumes, disposing of hazardous waste and either sitting in the spray or waiting for hours to finally go back into your own room.

“The Magic of Essential Oils And Eliminating Pests…

When you take a step back and tap into the latest breakthroughs in naturally active pesticides rather than buying the sprays that are filled with ingredients you can’t pronounce, you can help transform your home into a place where bugs just can't thrive anymore.

However, this isn’t some kind of magic remedy that is only found by gurus. This is backed not only by research proving its potency, but also has been used by farmers for years to protect crops.

Fortunately, pest control scientists have developed next-generation essential oil formulas that don’t just temporarily deter pests. These solutions actually disrupt unwanted guests at a core physiological level.

When you take a step back and tap into the latest breakthroughs in naturally active pesticides rather than buying the sprays that are filled with ingredients you can’t pronounce, you can help transform your home into a place where bugs just can't thrive anymore.

However, this isn’t some kind of magic remedy that is only found by gurus. This is backed not only by research proving its potency, but also has been used by farmers for years to protect crops.

Fortunately, pest control scientists have developed next-generation essential oil formulas that don’t just temporarily deter pests. These solutions actually disrupt unwanted guests at a core physiological level.

This naturally active insecticide is a combination of essential oils. These are some of Mother Nature’s most reliable bug eliminators.

Instead of ingredients you can't pronounce, advanced natural oils penetrate into insects’ systems and set off a cascade of powerful effects. And plant-based solutions get you the results you want without exposing you to harsh chemicals.

  Best Seller**   There's been a number of huge breakthroughs in pest control that will help you get rid of your bug problems at home and won’t leave you with an empty wallet...

"Revolutionizing Pest Control Through Advanced Natural Science..."

This essential oil-based approach alters pests' behavior and disrupts their communication cycles. It’s a breakthrough in pest control research.

Research studies like the ones conducted by Atanu Seni1 have shown essential oils’ effects in blocking the respiratory system of bugs, dissolving their outer body layer, interfering their normal metabolism and even more effects.

The best part is this breakthrough can help get rid of your bug problems without the need of harsh chemicals. You will be able to protect your home both inside and out from any potential bug problems you may face.

However, of all the essential oils, there are two that stand out as being a powerful combination that eliminates pests fast.

You'll soon be calling this your new secret weapon...

These two essential oils work to effectively eliminate any pests you may find in your home. All while avoiding the need for harsh chemicals to get the job done. Finally, there is a way to protect your home from bugs without putting your loved ones at risk of breathing in harsh chemicals or breaking the bank to get the job done.

These two essential oils work to effectively eliminate any pests you may find in your home. All while avoiding the need for harsh chemicals to get the job done. Finally, there is a way to protect your home from bugs without putting your loved ones at risk of breathing in harsh chemicals or breaking the bank to get the job done.

"What if You Could Get Rid of Pests

Without the Harsh Chemicals

or Spending a Fortune?"

  • What if you could enjoy the benefits of a home protected from bugs without the expense and harsh chemicals of traditional methods?
  • What if this solution not only made your home more comfortable but also seamlessly fit into your daily life, requiring minimal effort on your part?
  • And what if you could delay a pest invasion in your home without having to call an exterminator? Think of the money you could save. Wouldn’t that change the way you view pest control?

Introducing BugMDTM

A Plant-Powered and Affordable Solution to Your Pest Problems.

Introducing Essential Pest ControlTM

A Plant-Powered and Affordable Solution to Your Pest Problem.

Scientifically formulated by experts, BugMD is made with essential clove and cottonseed oils that safely* yet powerfully eliminate pests in your home in a matter of minutes.

Essential Pest Control can effectively banish common insects within minutes of first use, skipping the waiting game of other natural pest controls. This shortcut also frees up more time on your end to enjoy your newly pest-cleared out home.

When you claim your bottle of Essential Pest Control today, you’re getting an unfair advantage against household invaders − making sure those unwanted guests get the message quickly.

It’s not only the ultimate pest control “cheat code” but also helps prevent you needing to call exterminators to save your home.

Most conventional pest control methods rely on chemicals that work to kill pests. Unfortunately, those sprays usually can not be sprayed on furniture or plants. Those that do, usually leave behind an awful smell that can leave you gagging.

Unlike regular bug sprays, Essential Pest Control is made with plant-powered, naturally active ingredients that are able to be sprayed directly on furniture, plants, and anywhere else you see bugs.

“The Secret Ingredients That Are

Redefining The Pest Control Industry…

You see, it's very difficult to create a highly effective and affordable pest control formula, and do it in a way that’s based on powerful essential oils.

A lot of other pest control methods rely on harsh chemicals, but here at BugMD we found the two essential oils that will knock out most bug problems with just a few sprays: Clove oil and Cottonseed oil. Together they make an incredible pest eliminating team.

Clove Oil is our first secret ingredient. Its natural properties make it a fantastic pest repellent, but that's just part of its charm. And with the additive powers of Cottonseed oil which works to suffocate and eliminate pests fast, there’s nowhere that bugs can hide. This winning combo makes it your go to source for pest protection.

So you end up with a home that isn’t suffering from a bug problem, all because of one simple green bottle, combined with essential oils, all mixed together to provide you with wide coverage for your home and making any bug’s life that decides to sneak in your home a nightmare.

And you can use it anytime you start to see bugs - ending an invasion before it even has the chance to start.

You’ll love the powerful, plant-powered ingredients.

  • When you start using Essential Pest Control the change in your home’s pest situation will be so significant, it’s bound to get noticed. No longer will you have to live with the embarrassment of people coming over and finding bugs all over your home. You can finally take control back in your house.

    And keep in mind, Essential Pest Control’s deal is exclusive only to this page. This deal is not available on Amazon. Its specialized blend sets it apart, offering a distinctive, effective approach to managing household pests. So don’t miss out on your chance to save money when grabbing BugMD.

“Why Essential Pest Control

is So Effective At Eliminating Pests…”

People keep asking us, how does BugMD keep bugs out without a harsh smell?

The answer is simple. Essential Pest Control isn’t filled with harsh chemicals so there is no smell left behind. With its naturally-active ingredients, you can provide protection from pests in your home, without needing to leave the room for hours after spraying.

Your home should be your sanctuary, and bugs make that impossible. Our solution works to target these intruders, ensuring your home remains protected and pest-free. Your kitchen, your living room, your bathroom, and every other room in your house are prepared for bugs.

When you spray Essential Pest Control the cells in an insect's nervous system run out of energy, they stop functioning properly. Neural signals break down...

It's like the important wiring in a bug's body fails. When those nerve cells lack energy, they can't continue to function.

According to North Carolina State University, nerve cells power all of a bug's key functions. So when those cells can't communicate, the whole insect body shuts down.2

Maybe their legs stop moving. Maybe their antennae stop sensing. Without a functioning nervous system, pests become completely paralyzed.

You could say pest death is caused by total nervous system failure. Their cellular energy is depleted, so nothing works as it should. Clove and cottonseed oils rapidly disrupt insect nervous system cells. The oils disable neural communication in bugs.

A study conducted by Cornell University cottonseed oil works great at blocking insects' spiracles which function as openings in their bodies to allow them to breath.4 This essential oil will suffocate the insect in a matter of seconds. When applied to eggs, the oil destroys the gas between the membrane and the eggs are unable to hatch.

Furthermore, a 2015 study published in ResearchGate demonstrated that clove oil showed a significant population reduction in a tested sample of insects that proved the pest eliminating power this essential oil carries.5

These might be the most powerful essential oils to use against pests!

“Here's What Happens When You Unleash The Power of Essential Oils...”

Applying Essential Pest Control skips the waiting period of other standard pest control methods. Instead of spraying and waiting you can watch as this solution kicks into action. The clove and cottonseed oils almost immediately start working to eliminate pests. You'll be amazed at how quickly they take effect.

The reason essential oils work so well is they literally train bugs' cellular functions to break down and fail. And Essential Pest Control Works on larvae too so you can cut pests’ life cycle off at any point.

Clove and Cottonseed Oil are the 'destroyers' of over 40+ different bugs.

Effective Bug Elimination,
Without the Insane Costs

All too often have people noticed their bug problem and called an exterminator, only to be told that they would need to wait hours, days, or even weeks to see a professional. Essential Pest Control puts you straight into Bug busting mode, without waiting weeks for results. Before you know it, you could have no pests hiding in your home.

And don’t even get me started on the costs of professional pest control. In 2022, the United States spent over $20,000,000,000 in pest control. That is just too much money on some bugs.3 The problem is a lot of people call exterminators whenever they see a bug rather than when they are in an emergency.

Instead of calling a professional for every little bug you see, now you can keep them handy for emergencies with Essential Pest Control. From the moment you spot a bug in your home, you can now take care of your problem, and save some serious cash by doing so.

Destory Bed Bugs, Roaches, Spiders, Ants and More

For a Fraction of the Cost

No More Waiting Around for Professional Help

One of the worst aspects of calling for pest control is that you are on their schedule. You could be waiting hours, days, or even weeks before you get the help you need. With Essential Pest Control, you can stop bugs the moment you spot them.

One Spray Eliminates 40+ Different Pests

Instead of buying dozens of different sprays that specialize in terminating specific bugs only, use one solution for over 40+ different types of bugs ranging from the mundane to the most invasive. Think of all the money and space you can save in your home by having one solution that can handle whatever pests you come across.

Keep Harsh Chemicals Out

Have you ever smelled bug spray and almost dropped to the floor with the bugs? We all understand that bug spray should eliminate bugs, but it doesn’t have to be at the risk of your loved ones safety. With plant-powered ingredients, Essential Pest Control can be sprayed wherever in the house and is safe for everyone when used as directed.

You Could Save Hundreds of Dollars on Exterminators

Instead of hundreds of dollars being spent on each visit by an exterminator, have one solution in your home that costs a fraction of the professionals’ prices. Protecting your home and your money is always important, especially in today’s economy where prices never seem to stop rising.

That means while spraying this powerful insect eliminator around your home, you will be destroying bugs while keeping your loved ones away from harsh chemicals.

Protect Your Family, Prevent Embarrassment and Finally Relax in Your  Home....

Help Reduce Harsh Chemical Exposure - The essential oil blend of clove and cottonseed oil will help reduce exposure to harsh chemicals found in regular bug sprays. You will be able to spray Essential Pest Control anywhere in your home. Keeping you protected while making bugs miserable.

Eliminate Resistant Bugs - Mutations can cause pests to become resistant to other pesticides, allowing infestations to multiply out of control. Research from Purdue University showed essential oils effectively combat insect populations with resistance towards pesticides.6 Now you have a solution for your bug problems that pests haven’t gotten used to.

Flush Out Developing Nests - Essential Pest Control destroys pest eggs and larvae before mature bugs can hatch and establish more nests inside your home, effectively cutting off their life cycle and stopping invasions before they even happen.

For Only A Limited Time: Save Big On Your Order Of Essential Pest Control Concentrate

And for a limited time, save big on your order from BugMD when you purchase your bundles of Essential Pest Concentrate and our reusable spray bottle.

  • Mix up the concentrate bottle with water screw the lid on, shake the bottle, and you are ready to spray away. Instead of cluttering your home with countless bottles of bug sprays, now you can have one bottle to solve all your bug problems.
  • Prepare a bottle in advance. Whether you are in the colder months or you're right around the corner of a hot season, having a bottle of Essential Pest Control on standby can be the difference between relaxation and a bug invasion.
  • You can buy concentrate bottles in bulk to stay prepared for the whole year. Each bottle of Essential Pest Control can last you months of pest protection. Now you can stay prepared for whatever sneaks into your home.
  • This solution also works outdoors, so if you have a patio that is being taken over by bugs and ruining your relaxation time you can kick those bugs to the curb.
  • You’ll love the powerful plant-based naturally active ingredients that will keep your home feeling alive and protected from pests no matter what time of the year.

This discount is ONLY found on this site, so if you are wanting to go anywhere else to get this amazing deal on Essential Pest Control you won’t find it.

Mix up a bottle of Essential Pest Control and stay prepared for whatever insect invaders try to get into your home and ruin your peace of mind.

Essential Pest Control is the ultimate pesticide “cheat code” that can transport your home into a state of stress-free living — almost instantly...

Even if you aren’t struggling with a bug problem -- but you start to notice a few bugs sneak past the cracks — Essential Pest Control will help keep your loved ones protected from pests.

"Try BugMD, Experience A Plant-Powered Solution And LOVE How Your Home Feels... Or Simply Return It..."

And your purchase today comes with a satisfaction guarantee. That means for whatever reason within the next 30 days you can return your bottles of Essential Pest Control for a refund. I want to make your decision to try out Essential Pest Control in your own hands to be as easy as possible.

Just fill the spray bottle with the concentrate and add water, shake, and spray away. Feel confident in your home with a solution that is prepared to tackle whatever bugs you come across. Spray on furniture, on plants, or anywhere else you notice bugs in your home. Or have it on standby, ready for whenever bugs invade your home.

You're going to love the way you feel with bug worries being a thing of the past. If you're not satisfied, simply contact our Customer Support Team within 30 day of purchase. One of our dedicated agents will handle your return. Just pay a small processing fee and return shipping for returns/exchanges.


“Bed bugs beware!”

My main purpose when purchasing BugMD was to eradicate bed bugs. It has worked very well as the bulk of them have been eliminated. We see one once in a while and eliminate it. BugMD works very well as advertised.

Robert P. - US
“Good Nights Rest At Last”

I was finally able to sleep an entire night without getting attacked by the nightly creepy crawlers.

Maria C. - San Antonio, US
“A bug spray that actually works”

This bug killer is the best I’ve ever tried. As soon as I spray the bugs they are dead. So when I run out of my spray I will order more.

Joan T. - Athens, US
I was shocked to see that this stuff works on all the bugs in my home.”

This product is awesome and it does exactly what you claim; it kills all types of bugs! I’ll continue to be a customer as long as bugs continue to make their way into my home. 

Cheryl L. - Mattoon, US
“I can’t get enough of Essential Pest Control, thank you!”

This stuff works REALLY GREAT. In fact, much better than some of the expert bug spray companies we have used. We are killing more bugs and using less product. Thank you.

Lee V. -Cerritos, US

Keep Every Space In Your House
Protected From Embarrassing Pests

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