Stop Using Toxic Mothballs Or Costly Exterminators On Closet Moths. Try This 24-Hour Solution Instead

  • December 15, 2020 - Trisha Sween

“Stunned at the number of moths in these traps!” — Susan W.

Closet Moths Destroy Clothes, Carpets, & Furniture

Typically, closet moths are attracted to animal fabrics like cashmere, wool, and silk — but they’ll eat holes in cotton or even synthetic fabrics, too.

One closet moth can lay 400 larvae in its lifetime. And when they hatch, your “little bug problem” can turn into a giant infestation... fast!

An infestation can potentially mean you’d have to throw away valuable items and purchase new clothes, carpeting, or furniture. Until now, unfortunately, there were few options that actually worked.

The Truth About Mothballs & Store-Bought “Solutions”

Closet moths can be a nightmare to get rid of. You’d have to dry-clean your clothing, vacuum & professionally-clean the carpet — and even after all that, the moths are likely to return.

Store-bought products like cedar rings or lavender bags offer “solutions,” but the reviews make it clear they’re almost completely useless. Professional exterminators can be effective, but they’re expensive and use harmful chemicals that aren’t safe for humans and pets.

Finally, we’re left with mothballs, which have two well-known problems:

   1) They don’t work and you still have moths eating-up your clothes and carpet
   2) They contain chemical pesticides which pose a danger to people & pets

What if there was a way to keep your clothes safe from moth infestations without using toxic mothballs, expensive exterminators, or useless “old wives tales” like cedar chips?

The good news is, there’s now an effective, reliable, and safe way to get rid of destructive closet moths — as well as their eggs & larvae.

Thank goodness for BugMD Closet Moth Traps

Safe, Non-Toxic Pest Traps Can Effectively Knock-Out Closet Moth Infestations

BugMD Closet Moth Traps are a safer, quicker, and more effective way to eradicate closet moths and protect valuable clothing & household fabrics.

It’s no longer necessary to use mothballs with toxic pesticides, hire expensive exterminators, or waste money buying new clothes because moths destroyed your favorites!

Unlike traditional options, BugMD Closet Moth Traps use pheromones to lure and trap the moths which destroy clothes. Thousands of Americans are already using these innovative devices to control their moth problem.

But fair warning… the word is spreading like wildfire about BugMD and most customers are buying in bundles.

I strongly suggest you order now before inventory runs low or supplies completely sell out.

How Do BugMD Closet Moth Traps Work?

What most don’t know is that only two moth species consume the fabric in clothing, carpets, rugs, and furniture: Tineola Pellionella and Tineola Bisselliella.

BugMD uses innovative, European-made pheromones which attract these moths like a magnet into a tent-shaped trap. The inside lining of each trap is coated with premium “perma-glue,” designed to hold insects upon contact.

Once they touch the glue, there’s no escape. Moth infestations typically clear-up in about 2-3 weeks. The genius of this device is that it works without chemicals, pesticides, fumes, or anything else you don’t want near you or your family.

It’s Simple To Use + Starts Working Right Away

Each BugMD Closet Moth Trap comes in an individually-sealed bag, to preserve the potency of the pheromones inside. Once you’re ready to set the traps, they’re incredibly easy to use...

1. Open the sealed bag
2. Peel-off the protective film, exposing the pheromone-laced glue strip
3. Fold the trap, tucking the tab into place
4. Place traps in closet, dresser, or on the floor (anywhere you want to protect fabrics)

When you check the traps in a few days, you’ll see dozens of closet moths trapped in the glue forever. Once the Closet Moth Traps are filled with bugs, simply toss them in the trash.

From there, as the males are caught and no more larvae are hatched, an infestation can be eliminated in a matter of weeks.

Can BugMD Closet Moth Traps Really Eliminate Infestations?

Don’t take our word for it... look at these incredible reviews from verified BugMD customers:

“I got these after a friend recommended them. I didn't think I had too many moths--until I set-up these traps! Oh my, they work great! Traps were COVERED with moths after just one day. I tried another brand as well and it’s not even close. Very happy with this purchase.”

Marianne G.

“I was skeptical that something like this could really work but I was fed-up with my clothes being damaged. When a favorite cashmere sweater was ruined by moths, I finally tried BugMD. I have to say, I’ve had these for 2 months now and haven’t seen a single moth or another hole in my clothes since! These traps work exactly as described, thank you BugMD!”

Patricia C.

“This is the first thing that actually ended our moth problem for GOOD. We tried literally dozens of other products, including other types of traps but none of it helped. The moths just kept coming back. Finally, these BugMD traps worked perfectly. I am beyond happy with this product...highly recommend to anyone with this problem.”

Alison D.

How Does BugMD Compare To Store-Bought Mothballs?

BugMD Closet Moth Traps

Store-Bought Mothballs

  • Pheromones lure adult moths and prevent new larvae from hatching

  • Works only on contact with adult moths

  • 100% non-toxic and chemical-free

  • Contains pesticides & toxic chemicals

  • Can completely clear-up moth infestation

  • Temporary, moths usually come back

  • Safe around kids and pets

  • Potentially harmful to humans & animals

  • No smell, no mess, hands-free device

  • Hands-on, messy, noxious fumes

  • Works on both species of closet moths

  • Designed for only one species or the other

For months we had a recurring problem with these awful closet moths. Not only were they damaging our sweaters, jackets, suits... they were putting holes in the curtains and eating-away at our carpet.

Like most people, we tried over-the-counter solutions but had little luck. Despite my hesitation to use mothballs in a house with two kids and two dogs, I was getting desperate... so I decided to risk it. Unfortunately, even mothballs failed to clear-up the infestation.

Then we started using Closet Moth Traps and it completely changed the game. With this product, I wasn’t worried about exposing myself or my family to toxic fumes from mothballs or the chemicals used by exterminators.

BugMD ended-up completely eliminating our moth infestation in under two weeks. My husband and I were so relieved!

Bottom Line: If you’re sick of throwing out your clothes because moths have destroyed them — and you don’t want to use toxic mothballs or expensive exterminators — get BugMD Closet Moth Traps now.

Here’s How To Safely Eradicate Closet Moths Today

BugMD Closet Moth Traps are not available in stores and can only be found online.

Now that you’ve discovered how to eliminate closet moths from your home — without exposing yourself or your family to toxic pesticides — follow these steps to get started:

    1) Go to the official BugMD website to place your order
    2) Protect your valuable clothing, carpets, & fabrics from destructive moths

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