It’s Simple To Use + Starts Working Right Away

Each BugMD Closet Moth Trap comes in an individually-sealed bag, to preserve the potency of the pheromones inside. Once you’re ready to set the traps, they’re incredibly easy to use...

1. Open the sealed bag
2. Peel-off the protective film, exposing the pheromone-laced glue strip
3. Fold the trap, tucking the tab into place
4. Place traps in closet, dresser, or on the floor (anywhere you want to protect fabrics)

Check the traps in a few days and start checking for all the deceased closet moths trapped in the glue. Once the Closet Moth Traps are filled with bugs, simply toss them in the trash.

From there, as the males are caught and no more larvae are hatched, an infestation can be eliminated in a matter of weeks.

Can BugMD Closet Moth Traps Really Help Fight Infestations?

Don’t take our word for it... look at these incredible reviews from verified BugMD customers:

“I was very pleased to see the moths that were trapped by BugMD in my closet. Now they are no longer attacking my clothes. I will continue to use BugMD to make sure they are all gone and don”t come back!”

Karen W.

“I had no idea there were so many clothes moths in our house! We have put the traps under wall hangings as well as in closets and wardrobes, and are stunned at the number of moths trapped there. We will definitely be purchasing more!”

Susan W.

“I knew I had a clothes moth problem and I ordered a package of Clothes Moth Boss. I placed two in my bedroom closet and was amazed by how many moths were trapped. I will continue to use Clothes Moth Boss until the moth problem is eradicated. Thank you for such an incredible product!”

Celeste S.

How Does BugMD Compare To Store-Bought Mothballs?

BugMD Closet Moth Traps

Store-Bought Mothballs

  • Pheromones lure adult moths into PermaGlue sticky trap

  • Works only on contact with adult moths

  • Non-toxic, pesticide-free

  • Contains pesticides or toxic chemicals

  • Designed to fight moth infestations

  • Temporary, moths usually come back

  • Safe around kids and pets when used as directed

  • Potentially harmful to humans & animals

  • No smell, no mess, hands-free device

  • Hands-on, messy, noxious fumes

  • Works on both species of closet moths

  • May be designed for only one species

If you’ve had recurring problems with these awful closet moths but you were always left disappointed by traditional, store-bought pest solutions — BugMD’s Closet Moth Traps offer an effective alternative.

For best results, we recommend setting up traps in closets, on top of furniture, and in any other problem areas. Most customers report catching moths almost right away, without being worried about exposing themselves to toxic fumes from mothballs or the chemicals used by exterminators.

Plus, you can order more at a significant discount so you’ll always have traps on hand.

For ultimate convenience, you can sign-up for a monthly subscription plan. Closet moths can invade homes at any time, so it’s best to stay prepared.

Bottom Line: If you’re sick of throwing out your clothes because moths have destroyed them — and you don’t want to use toxic mothballs or expensive exterminators — get BugMD Closet Moth Traps now.

Here’s How To Start Fighting Closet Moths Today

BugMD Closet Moth Traps are not available in stores and can only be found online.

Now that you’ve discovered how to get rid of closet moths in your home — without exposing yourself or your family to toxic pesticides — follow these steps to get started:

    1) Go to the official BugMD website to place your order
    2) Protect your valuable clothing, carpets, & fabrics from destructive moths

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